Amber Waves of Grain

We managed to load yesterdays pictures on flickr.  We have to find a top of a hill or a town with access to cell service.  Dayton had access so we sat in the park and uploaded pics. We also ate lunch and played with dart.

We will post today’s pictures when we can.

I would say that today was mostly about amber waves of grain.  There is a lot of grain growing here and they are harvesting it all over the place. There is a constant train of trucks hauling gain to the silos.  We will load the pictures tomorrow when we can find a place to upload them.

As beautiful as it is here, I miss my version of civilization.  We went to a hilltop and took pictures of the sunset with the windmills and hills in the distance.  It was stunning and I loved it.  We brought our chairs and sat and enjoyed the sunset.  Oh my gosh. What can I say?

We will post our favorite pictures tomorrow.  There are lots of deer around.

We took some pictures of harvesting the grain.  I would normally think brown when I look at this area but amber might be the better description.  We think it is wheat but we don’t know for sure.

This is an amazing place to spend a couple days but I would not like to stay for an extended period of  time.  We’ve enjoyed our evenings at the top of the ridges. Tonight was much better than last night, much warmer with very little breeze. Hopefully it will be just as nice tomorrow.

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