Month: August 2015

Thank you!

I want to thank those of you who have been following our travels everyday and getting in touch with me.  Some of you respond to the blog post, some email, some text, and some call.  It’s made me feel very connected with everyone and… Continue Reading “Thank you!”


We arrived home about mid-afternoon.  Dart was the happiest dog I have ever seen.  Just running around was not enough to exhibit his exuberance so he continued to bark.  He ran and barked and barked and ran.  I think he’s happy to be home.… Continue Reading “Home”

A Cat

Tomorrow we head home but today we spend time visiting with relatives.  We had a great time.  They came to our RV and we cooked up some burgers and spend a lot of time chatting and catching up.  It was thoroughly enjoyable and sad… Continue Reading “A Cat”

Pittsburgh’s Crazy Streets

We arrived outside of Pittsburgh to set up camp.  I can’t believe that we were able to get the RV to the campground on these windy and curvy roads.  Does Pittsburgh have a straight road anywhere?  Is there any possibility to get from point… Continue Reading “Pittsburgh’s Crazy Streets”


We visited a friend and her husband outside of St. Louis last evening and we had a lovely visit.  They live on a lake and took us for a ride on their boat.  Dart came along and he was great.  I don’t think he… Continue Reading “Ponds”

Billboards and Smashed Dishes

We went from Kansas City, Missouri to just east of St. Louis today.  Missouri has more billboards than any state we have been in to date.  It’s amazing.  A good percentage of them are advertising for advertisers.  If you read all the billboards, you… Continue Reading “Billboards and Smashed Dishes”

Greener Scenery

As we head east, it gets greener and greener and more humid.  The traffic congestion is increasing.  We are staying the night just east of Kansas City, Missouri. On the way here we saw a horrendous accident on the north bound lanes of the… Continue Reading “Greener Scenery”

Crane Trust

The bad weather that hit Laramie did not have much of an impact on us.  It rained at night but stopped by the time we got up.  Since we had already hooked up the truck and put most of the stuff away the night… Continue Reading “Crane Trust”

It’s Cold Here

It was 39 degrees when we woke up this morning and a weather alert has been posted for tonight.  Elevations at 7,500 feet or more may receive snow, below that elevation will get freezing rain.  We are at about 7,100 feet.  The drive tomorrow… Continue Reading “It’s Cold Here”


We drove 300 miles through Wyoming from Sheridan to Laramie and it looked like this the whole way. There was almost no traffic.  We stopped at a rest stop in the middle of nowhere and Regis said it was so quiet it hurt his ears.… Continue Reading “Wyoming”