Deer Lodge

As I’m starting this post, I’m finding out that we are camped within about 400 yards of the rail road tracks.  I guess we’ll see how often the trains come through at night!

We drove from Missoula to Deer Lodge, WA this morning and this was my favorite sign along the way.  I guess we missed the festival for this year.

After we set up camp, I noticed this bird hanging around the empty camp site next to ours.  The poor guy looks pretty ragged.  He was obviously successful in getting some food and would occasionally sit in the shade under the picnic table as though he was taking a break to cool off.

We then left to go on a scenic drive called the Pintler Scenic Route.  The rocks here in southwestern Montana look very different from what we’ve been seeing in Washington and Oregon.   And the deer continue to run across the road any time they please.

We turned off to go to Lost Creek State Park to hike to the falls.  This is the first sign we saw.

I told Regis, if we saw a bear before we got to the trail head, I wasn’t hiking.  We didn’t see any animals, so we safely hiked and got some pictures of the falls.

On the way back, we saw this great looking mailbox.  I’m considering doing one like it when I get home.  Perhaps something that looks like an oreo cow.  What do you think?

Additionally, we went through the town of Anaconda which used to smelter copper ore and has a 585-foot tall Anaconda Stack that is the world’s tallest freestanding masonry structure.  Next time you get that question in a trivia game, you’ll know the answer.

Lastly, we went to the Mount Haggin Wildlife Management Area in pursuit of wildlife.  There was one very bad dirt road in which I would not recommend without 4 wheel drive and a good back.  We drove all the way to the end and back and didn’t even see a bird until the very end when we caught a glimpse of this well hidden deer.  We saw lots of scat and tracks, but no actual animals.  They appear to be there but know how to hide themselves well.

The wind just picked up considerably and Dart is now freaking out.  We had the air conditioner on an hour ago.  We opened the windows about 1/2 hour ago and now it’s getting very cold.  Ahhh, the rain is starting.  I guess it’s time to go cuddle with my frightened dog.

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