Wow, it is nice to be in a cool town.  My first goal was to find some great socks for hot weather.  My feet are sometimes a size 10 and sometimes as size 11.  I went to Walmart and found 40 billion socks that would not work and go from size 4 to 10.  You can imagine they would barely fit.  I’m looking for something that will wick the moisture away in the heat.

To be continued.

We went to the camera repair shop this morning and they think they can repair the lens.  If not, they will send it to Canon but either way it costs less than a new lens.  I LOVE this lens, so I want it fixed and prefer not to spend at least $699 to buy a new one.  But, it means I am without out it for the duration of this trip.  I will live with that.

We think we can do with what we have. I have a 100-400m for close up shots.  If I see a wolf in Yellowstone, I will get something.  I have a good lens for wide lens landscape shots.  Regis is responsible for everything in the middle with his lens.  It will have to do.  Someday, maybe we will come back with a better set up and be better prepared for really cool pictures.

I don’t know how many of my east coast friends remember the guy in the following picture.  I made Regis go through all kind of gyrations so I could get this picture.  Do you know who he is?  He is probably a trademark.

Additionally, we saw this flame going on in town and don’t really don’t know why.

I thought this picture was cute so I’m sharing.

On the way back to the our camp ground, Regis noticed an REI.  We were on an exit ramp that was backed up, but the REI would have been within walking distance of the camp site.  I jumped out of the truck and left Regis and Dart to find their  way home while I went to REI.  I had a great time shopping.  I found great socks in the correct sizes.  I checked out other items and paddle boards.  Regis called while I was there asking if I was still at REI and I said yes.  He said Dart was waiting for me.  I assumed at the campground.  With no one waiting for me in the parking lot, I had a great time perusing the store and all the cool things REI currently has available to the adventurer.  Eventually, I finally just bought some socks and left.  As I walked out the front of the store, Regis and Dart were sitting there waiting for me.   Had I known, I would have left earlier. Dart knew his way back to the camp ground in a direct route.  If Regis had not been there, Dart would have easily been able to get me back to the RV.  Once I got back and tried on all the socks, All I can say it was an exceptional experience.  There is nothing like a great fitting sock.  They are all cool max socks, so they should handle the heat well.  I am here to say, don’t settle for sucky socks.  Get good socks to meet the purpose they need to serve and you will be extremely happy for having done so.

In order to move from Dworshak to Missoula at the last minute, we had to get a premium site at this KOA campground.  We don’t usually do that.  This is what is looks like.

Yes, you get a swing and a great picnic table with a concrete pad.  I earned enough KOA points to save $50 dollars so it didn’t seem so bad to be spoiled for a couple nights.  The days are hot, but the nights are cool and lovely.  We washed Dart while we were here with sewer access. He hated it, but he looks lovely with his white feet.  I even went so far as to make an apple martini.  I haven’t had one in a long time, so it’s been a fun evening with a nice swing, apple martinis, a nice breeze, and watching planes land at the local airport.  There has been a haze but you can see the mountain ranges from here.

I am really looking forward to heading south tomorrow.  We get closer to Yellowstone and the possibilities are endless.  We don’t have far to go to Deer Lodge, so what we do depends on whether they will let us drop the RV off in the campground once we get there early.  I have a couple options and any of them work for me.  I am so pumped.

We will be close to Yellowstone in two days.  Once there, I intend to become a wolf stalker.  I would love nothing more than to see a glimpse of a wolf while I am there.  I have been a wolf fan since as long as I can remember.  It is truly the one animal that would mean the most to me if I was able to see one.  The chances of seeing one are very remote.  But, we will do everything possible.  It requires us to get up at unreasonable hours to drive into the park and be available when the sun rises.  Regis is probably ready to divorce me at this point, but he’s a VERY cool guy and ready to do what it takes.  Dart is just happy to be wherever we are.  Since he can’t talk, he doesn’t complain. He’s a real trooper. Regis can talk but he doesn’t complain either.

3 Comments on “Socks

  1. I had no idea you were such a sock person! I have a friend with size 11 feet and I don’t know where she gets hers, I’ll ask if it crosses my mind. I think she even orders shoes online. My sis got me some Bedlington socks at Christmas time and I adore them. I wear ’em to work under my dress pants (I had her go back and get me 5 more pair…).
    OK you guys deserve to get spoiled with a premium campsite, as much traveling as you’ve done… Dart didn’t like it I’m sure (the bath) but that reminds me, Elvis needs a bath really bad. He had a blast at Mom’s and her MinPin Peyton didn’t seem to mind him or Ollie, for once. I’m getting a ritzy hotel room for the All-Terrier trials in PA at the end of September, to share with a Rat Terrier friend. It’s pretty swank, too! (the last one they had reserved in the block for a cheaper rate)
    Never had an apple-tini but I’d love to try one! Careful with those wolves, they wouldn’t like selfies much! ..heh heh.. (not unlike those bears and bison that can get pretty grumpy too)


  2. Oh, and it’s the Sinclair Dinosaur! I had one years and years ago! (dating myself again)


    • Ha Ha! You are correct. I love Sinclair the Dinosaur. They have those gas stations out here. I didn’t realize they were still around.

      I love rat terriers. There’s a lady that would show one named Shatzi (sp?) and a new little guy named Squeak and they were adorable. She was awesome. I understand she moved out to Washington State.

      Good luck at the show!

      And, I don’t plan on any selfies. I fully understand that these guys aren’t cuddly little stuffed animals!


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