Rainbows and Prisons

If you remember, last night I mentioned that Dart didn’t like the storm.  I gave him half of one of Tekoe’s calming drugs.  Below is a picture of him weathering the storm on Regis’ lap.  There was also a beautiful double rainbow.  I was able to get the entire rainbow in my new lens as well as some nice pictures with the US flag in front of the rainbow.

We hung around town today.  I took Dart for a walk to take a picture of the historic prison.  After the gold rush started, there were some bad guys around.  Some vigilantes dispatched the first few, but a prison was determined to be the best solution for the continuing problem.  It appeared to have always been underfunded and/or overcrowded so eventually shutdown.  Across from the prison is the Pony Expresso.  They have wonderful cappuccinos with shots of caramel/praline.  Better yet, they have the best dog treats.  Most drive up coffee joints in the west have treats for dogs, which I am sure Dart has figured out.  But, these treats were extra special.  I am sure if Regis took Dart for a walk tomorrow morning without me, Dart would lead him straight to the Pony Expresso.

There were many antique shops in town.  My Aunt Phyllis would be in heaven.  I saw a place with lots of old bottles in the window for sale.  These are the same types of bottles we have found all over our property in Maryland and lots in the barn that we have deposited in the recycle bin.   Hmmmm.  One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

Regis went on a walking tour and found this really cool wood truck.  And, we have to include the favorite sign of the day “Maryland Ave”.

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