Trout Stream

We set off to visit a National Wildlife Refuge where we hoped to see a lot of tundra swans.  We didn’t see much wildlife at the refuge and the lake was too far away from the road to get a good look at the few white birds we saw.  They may have been swans, but we don’t know.  It was very interesting country to drive in.  We spent most of the time in Idaho and most of the roads were not paved.  We saw a lot of ATV’s on some of them.  There are lots of places here to ride ATV’s in the summer and snow mobiles in the winter.

We stopped to play with Dart.  He is not a sun worshiper.  After playing with his disc, he found the only shady spot around.

We found some interesting wildlife signs along the way.  Included below is a swallow nest, an owl we cannot identify (anyone know what it is?), and scat we can’t identify (anyone know what it is?).   The owl was sitting on the ground on the side of the road.  I thought it might be a burrowing owl but I don’t think so after looking in the field guide.  Perhaps it was injured because it didn’t mind getting pictures taken.  The scat is full of hair, so it is from a predator.  It was much larger than Dart’s.  I think it was too large for a fox.  Perhaps a large coyote??

Regis liked this guy and wanted his picture taken.

We also walked along a trout stream today.  It was absolutely beautiful.  I can see why people take up trout fishing.  It seems so peaceful to stand in the middle of a clear and beautiful stream.  Following are some pictures that give an idea of it.

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