Big Timber

We went from West Yellowstone to an area not far from Big Timber, Montana.  The drive up route 191 was beautiful.  I saw what looked like about 8 bighorn sheep crossing a river that runs along part of the highway.  The highway dips into Yellowstone National Park for a bit and quite a lot of it runs through National Forest Land.  Even the Route 90 interstate was a beautiful ride.

We didn’t do anything exceptional today and didn’t take any pictures.  We drove into Big Timber to the only grocery store.  A man coming out of the store noticed our license plate and told me he was on his way to the D.C. area tomorrow to visit relatives.  It’s funny how so many people out west notice license plates and you meet a lot of people that way.  Regis is really good at noticing license plates also.  I’m too busy looking for animals to notice anything.

We are staying here tomorrow and have no specific plans.  Mostly, we plan to catch up on balancing the checkbook, paying bills, etc.  Also, we will give Dart a break from the truck.

Unless something exciting happens tomorrow, I probably won’t post until the day after tomorrow when we should arrive in Sheridan, Wyoming.

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