Black Mountain Lookout

There is a lot of train activity in this town.  When I wasn’t sleeping at night, I heard non-stop train activity.  Most of what we have seen during the day is full coal cars going west and empty coal cars coming from the east.

Partly to escape the heat, we selected a hike in the Bighorn mountains that was described in my Sheridan Guidebook as “a rewarding but relatively short and easy day hike, clocking in at approximately 2 miles”.  This hike takes you to the Black Mountain Fire Lookout.  I have a difference of opinion about relatively easy.  The hike is uphill the whole way.  When you get close to the Lookout house/tower, you must scramble over rocks.  Dart made it look easy.  The Fire Lookout is perched at about 9,500 feet.  As far as I am concerned, there is insufficient oxygen in the atmosphere at that level to consider an uphill hike “relatively easy”.  The most irritating part is seeing people of varying ages and their dogs walk past me up the hill like I was an old granny.

I made the hike successfully and enjoyed the views.  I will work with a personal trainer when I get back to whip me into shape so those little kids can’t jog past me so quickly all giggly and smiling and showing no shortness of breath.

All the pictures below are from the hike.

View inside Black Mountain Fire Lookout outhouse with its two-seater and male picture on the wall
Regis and Dart enjoying the view from the Black Mountain Fire Lookout
View from Black Mountain Fire Lookout
View from Black Mountain Fire Lookout
Trail to the Black Mountain Fire Lookout
Black Mountain Fire Lookout perched on top of light brown rocks, outhouse in front of the gray rocks
Perched on top of the highest point on the mountain in the distance is the Black Mountain Fire Lookout

When we got back to town, the temperature was in the 70’s.  It is lovely.  The sky is cloudy, so the sun is unable to beat down and heat it up to an unpleasant temperature.

We’re off to Laramie, Wyoming tomorrow morning.  It is about 300 miles from here.

2 Comments on “Black Mountain Lookout

  1. Wow…..really high and nice photos….you guys really are seeing the sites…

    Was with your Mom last wk. She drove to the North Hills by herself. We went to dinner and Uncle Joe was trying to set up her new computer…that did not work out too well….it wanted to be in a different language, strange. But I did lead her home till she got around where Civic Arena was. She was most appreciative for that.

    Enjoy and be safe with all the fires out there.


    • Glad to hear that Mom is doing well. We haven’t heard from her and didn’t even know how to contact her. Annie was trying to reach her. I hope she was successful.


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