We drove 300 miles through Wyoming from Sheridan to Laramie and it looked like this the whole way.

There was almost no traffic.  We stopped at a rest stop in the middle of nowhere and Regis said it was so quiet it hurt his ears. It is a good thing we had enough gas to make it the whole way.

About 15 miles out of Laramie and into Laramie, we saw 6 trains backed up waiting to head north.  Whether they were waiting for track work to be completed or for south bound trains to pass on a single track, we don’t know.  At least two of the trains had their cars filled with automobiles.

The weather is beautiful here.  It was in the 70’s today.  It cooled down when the sun went down and we had to close all the windows.  It is windy now and then, so Dart is a little nervous but he’s hanging in there.

I am having computer and Kindle issues.  Today, I was noticing Regis watching internet video’s on his laptop while I could barely go from one internet page to the next.  It either timed out or I fell asleep waiting until the next page to come up.  Regis is suggesting getting more memory but the closest full Best Buy is in Fort Collins, Colorado which is over 60 miles away.  (He says it may also be my WiFi card.)  That’s too far to drive since we’ll be home in a couple weeks.

In addition, my Kindle USB port has been acting up for months and the only way to charge the Kindle is to fiddle around with the cord until the Kindle shows it is charging and then do your best to keep it that way.  Regis got a good temporary solution using duct tape.  Last night, the Kindle finally broke completely and can no longer be charged.  I was in a deep state of depression realizing I can’t finish the book I’m currently reading or the ones I already downloaded to read next.  Then, I remembered that we have my old iPad in the RV.  I got very excited until Regis pointed out that we don’t have the charger for it.  It may be possible to find one in Laramie somewhere.   How can I have 4 electronic devices and the only one I can use right now is my HTC phone (and even that was a problem on this trip when I kept getting out of Verizon Wireless range)? I also left my Mac laptop at home.  Even if I brought it, I probably would have dropped it or something.

Tonight it was cool enough that I baked some blueberry muffins.  It is the first time I had to follow high altitude baking directions.  We are at 7,165 feet.

Trivia:  Laramie was named after Jacques La Ramie a french fur trapper.  The last time he went into the mountains, he was never seen again.

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