Greener Scenery

As we head east, it gets greener and greener and more humid.  The traffic congestion is increasing.  We are staying the night just east of Kansas City, Missouri.

On the way here we saw a horrendous accident on the north bound lanes of the highway.  It involved several tractor trailers.  It was so bad it shut down all the northbound lanes of the highway.  We hope that everyone involved survived the crash but the damage to one of the truck cabs was so bad that it seems unlikely.  There was also an accident on the south bound side but we think it may have been because someone wasn’t paying attention to the cars slowing down to rubber neck.

I’m getting anxious to get home now that we are out of the west.  I’m looking forward to my high-speed internet connection at home!  We may be home by Friday.  We’re going to stop in Pittsburgh on the way home and visit Regis’ mom.

3 Comments on “Greener Scenery

  1. Hope you have a safe trip home! We’re kinda dry here now, after such a wet beginning to the summer. It’s actually quite nice this evening. I had the boys outside one at a time practicing their weave poles. Elvis is pretty speedy on them at home, and a total dud at agility trials!


    • Some dogs can be kind of funny that way. They will do well in one environment and then forget it all when they get near the same equipment in another environment. I think weave poles are the most difficult to teach and get consistent results. I hope the weather is nice by the time we get back. I wonder what Dart will do when he gets into his own backyard again!


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