We visited a friend and her husband outside of St. Louis last evening and we had a lovely visit.  They live on a lake and took us for a ride on their boat.  Dart came along and he was great.  I don’t think he realized he was on a boat.  He was very relaxed.  We had a wonderful dinner and enjoyed the company.  Dart was good all evening.

This afternoon, we arrived in a camp ground in Indiana that is close to the Ohio border.  When I was a kid, my parents had a pop up camper and the family (including my sister and brother) went on a camping trip out west.  I believe we stayed in this camp ground on the way west.  While we were here, my mother says that my brother fell in the pond and could have drowned except my sister pulled him out.  That was an amazing event.  My sister spent most of her childhood trying to kill my brother (he’s the youngest), so the fact that she may have saved his life is a miracle.  I took pictures of the pond where this event took place.  Perhaps it will bring back memories to my mom, sister, and brother.

There was road construction most of the way through Illinois.   We were basically driving on a one lane road between 45-55 mph instead of the usual 65 mph.   I’m glad we try to stick to about 250 miles a day give or take.  We did almost 300 today.  With that goal, we have room for taking time to stop and dealing with delays and mishaps while still getting in the camp ground well before dark.  I’m hopeful Ohio won’t be too bad so we can get to Pittsburgh early enough to visit family.

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