Pittsburgh’s Crazy Streets

We arrived outside of Pittsburgh to set up camp.  I can’t believe that we were able to get the RV to the campground on these windy and curvy roads.  Does Pittsburgh have a straight road anywhere?  Is there any possibility to get from point A to point B without going at least 3 or 4 times the real distance to wind around all over the place?  You would have to live here a life time to figure the place out!

The best part today is we got to visit Regis’ mom and his aunt.  We had a delightful visit and it was great to see them both.  Thanks to our wonderful GPS, we got a big tour of Pittsburgh on the way back to the campground.  I’m certain there was a shorter way, but then we wouldn’t have had the opportunity to check out every windy, curvy, crazy street in Pittsburgh. 🙂  

We will visit more relatives tomorrow and hopefully roast some marshmallows.  Almost everywhere we have camped has had a fire ban, so we may do a fire tomorrow night which will be out last night on this trip.

3 Comments on “Pittsburgh’s Crazy Streets

  1. Linda, were you planning on coming back to the city today, you mentioned taking more photos….or do you still want us to come to your campsite…let us know….Aunt Ellen


  2. What a trip it’s been! I’ve been to P’burgh just once to pick up a puppy with a friend (her Maltese). We didn’t see much of the area but where this woman lived was uphill and on narrow streets. It’ll be good to get home, won’t it. Planning on doing any agility trials afterward?


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