A Cat

Tomorrow we head home but today we spend time visiting with relatives.  We had a great time.  They came to our RV and we cooked up some burgers and spend a lot of time chatting and catching up.  It was thoroughly enjoyable and sad to have the evening come to an end.

Today we saw this cat getting a drink from the hose bib next to our campsite.   Very cute!

PS 002

I am looking forward to Dart’s reaction to getting home to his own backyard.  I’ll let you  know how it works out.



3 thoughts on “A Cat

  1. We really enjoyed spending time with the 3 of you….Dart included, he is such a cute doggie…yes hated to see the time end also, do not see much of you guys, so glad we were able to get together….good luck in your next chapter of life…..love, Aunt Ellen & Uncle Joe…

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