We arrived home about mid-afternoon.  Dart was the happiest dog I have ever seen.  Just running around was not enough to exhibit his exuberance so he continued to bark.  He ran and barked and barked and ran.  I think he’s happy to be home.

Our neighbors did a better job of taking care of the place than we did.  It’s in great shape and there wasn’t much to do when we got back.  We turned off the water and gas before we left, so we had to get them back on.   Other than that, we mostly spent the day starting the process of emptying the RV.  That’s a job for multiple days.

The weather is beautiful, so we were able to open the windows and air the house out.  It is already getting cool, so I think it will be pleasant sleeping weather.

The battery in my SUV is dead, so tomorrow’s project will to be to replace it.  We’ll continue emptying the RV and then clean it thoroughly tomorrow.

It’s nice and quiet here.  Most of our recent campgrounds have been very close to interstates, so it is delightful right now.

Although this particular adventure has come to an end, we will plan others.  I won’t be posting every day, but I’ll post as we solidify next steps.

It’s been great fun!!!!!

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