Month: January 2016

Marineland, Etc.

I have inserted a collage of pictures from today (and one a few days ago).  The first picture is the moon rise over the ocean.  I didn’t use a tripod, so it’s shaky.  It was almost a full moon and it was beautiful. The… Continue Reading “Marineland, Etc.”

Rare Northern Right Whale

Today was a fantastic day.  My friend told me about a Right whale mother and her calf off the local coast.  We headed out in the car with binoculars and the camera and were very fortunate to see them.  I believe there are only… Continue Reading “Rare Northern Right Whale”

St. Augustine, Florida

We recently moved to St. Augustine, Florida from Maryland.  As a result of this move, we don’t expect to get on the road again with the RV until at least May.  We are planning a trip to Utah and other places to be determined.… Continue Reading “St. Augustine, Florida”