Rare Northern Right Whale

Today was a fantastic day.  My friend told me about a Right whale mother and her calf off the local coast.  We headed out in the car with binoculars and the camera and were very fortunate to see them.  I believe there are only about 500 Right Whales in the world, so that fact that we were able to see this pair is amazing.

I get it that the whales are small in this picture, but they are there and we saw them!!!!

I originally planned to watch a green sea turtle get released today but the sighting of the Right Whale altered our plans.  It worked out well.  Wahoo!

The other day we went hiking through the 12 mile swamp.  The part we went through was not very swampy.  It is obviously an area that was cut down and replanted.  I didn’t personally find it very interesting, but Dart felt otherwise.  There were enough smells to get him excited and he was very exuberant on the walk.

5 Comments on “Rare Northern Right Whale

  1. Maybe —-

    In North America, First Nations people used trees to mark significant areas, like trails, river crossings, places to find medicinal plants, and holy grounds where council meetings met. Saplings were chosen and bent to the ground for a period of time. They were held in place with rocks, vines or rawhide until such time as they stayed in place, before being released. The purpose of this was to mark the spot and in a time before GPS, they were effective signposts. (credit to https://clctreeservices.wordpress.com/2015/12/11/get-bent-why-trees-have-curves-in-them/)

    or Aliens. there’s always that. 🙂


    • Aliens may be more likely. There were too many trees and oddly placed for First Nations folks, but you never know. 🙂


  2. not to mention the tree was only 10-15 years old, at the most. However, maybe someone was thinking nostalgically or didn’t have a gps.


  3. It was so nice to meet you, your husband and I feel in love with Dart. Thanks for letting me see the whales with you guys..it was amazing for a country girl from Kentucky to experience such a blessing like that. It was a rare moment for sure. That beach is a great place to find bigger shells in March and April.


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