St Augustine by Air and Alligators

Yesterday, we flew in a brief helicopter ride over St. Augustine.  The weather was beautiful and it was amazing to get some aerial views.

Today we went to the Alligator Farm.  There were numerous alligators, crocodiles, and other reptiles.  There were some albino alligators.  We heard the alligators making noises.  I didn’t know alligators could be noisy.  Native birds nest in the trees above the alligators.  It is safe from predators, so there are many birds and it is quite a show.  I intend to continue going back during nesting season to enjoy it.  I have included a collage of pictures taken at the Alligator Farm.

I have been spending some time taking golf lessons, going to the driving range, and playing putt-putt.  There are too many golfing options in the area to not take advantage of playing golf.  I’ve been walking Dart A LOT.  I don’t think he’ll like it when it gets hot here but he definitely likes getting so much walking in.  He clearly enjoys all the great new smells.

Our current plan is to get going in the RV in early May.  I’ve plotted a draft trip to take us back west through New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, Nevada, California, Oregon and up to Seattle again.  Then we would head back home through a different route.  If anyone has recommendations on what to see/do, let us know.

One Comment on “St Augustine by Air and Alligators

  1. What an amazing trip. Too many alligators for my taste. 😉 Scary!!
    I took a helicopter trip over the Grand Canyon. You definitely should do that.
    Great pictures. Love it.


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