First Night

We packed up and left for a long week-end in Fort Myers, Florida so we could get the battery problem fixed and get the dinghy (towed) set up for towing.  There are a couple terms for the vehicle that is towed and we like dinghy the best since this really is our land yacht.  Following  is a picture of Dart with a pile of stuff to put in the RV.  I don’t know whether he was trying to ensure we didn’t forget him, didn’t forget his ball, or both.  Note his green ball on top of the blue notebook.

So, we spent the first night in our motor home at the North Trail RV Center.  Following is a picture of Dart and Regis waiting for the RV center to let us know where we could plug in for the night.  The only thing missing is the Margarita.

It was a nice setup at the RV Center.  They are huge and efficient.  It appeared that some of the technicians may stay in RV’s on site.  Staying there requires you to be locked in for the night, but it is a small price to pay for a free night with water and electricity.   We got our batteries fixed and went to the campground for the week-end.  The RV Center will get our dinghy set up for towing on Monday.

A pleasant surprise was to find out that the RV Center will give you a coupon to stay for some free nights at the campground when you are having work done at the RV Center on your RV.  We have to stay 4 nights because we have to stay through Monday night, so we have a coupon for two free nights.

Dart is struggling to deal with the changed situation.  He doesn’t handle change well.  He doesn’t like all the new noises in the RV.  We learned from last year that he eventually adapts and gets comfortable.  He needs time.  I drove the dinghy to Fort Myers behind Regis in the motor home.  Dart started off with me.  At one of the rest stops, we put Dart in the motor home.  Regis exited the rest stop and got off at the next exit.  I was curious why.  As soon as he stopped, he told me that Dart tried to run between his legs as soon as he got the motor home moving.  You can’t drive with a dog between your legs.  On the way back, we will be able to tow the dinghy and I will try to make Dart comfortable with a moving RV.  (He never had to experience being in the 5th wheel while it was moving.)

Dart is making himself comfortable in the new motor home.

Regis plans to do some work on the motor home over the week-end and we will check out the local area.  Sanibel Island is close by and we are camping on the Caloosahatchee River. I would love to do some Stand Up Paddleboarding but I didn’t bring the proper clothes.  In fact, I really messed up on packing and didn’t bring anything to sleep in either.  Our list of forgotten items is so long it almost fills a page right now.

5 Comments on “First Night

  1. Quite the adventure for you both and Dart. Have fun, be safe. Your land “yacht” is beautiful. See you when you get home. Happy trails 🍹


  2. Aw, Dart sure didn’t want to be left behind, didn’t he. I know when I pick up dog papers in the laundry room and replace them, Elvis is there, lying down in my way, every chance he gets.
    That would be my dream to get a big RV and go to agility trials in it. You’re living half of mine!


    • It would have been wonderful to have this RV while Dart and I were active in agility trials.


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