Month: May 2016


Yesterday morning, we dropped the motor home off to get the heater fixed and headed out to a hike in the Red Cliff Recreation Area.  We opted for a hike through a canyon, hoping it would be cooler.  Once we got close to the… Continue Reading “Rattlesnake”

Best Friends Animal Sanctuary

Dart was at Cedar Breaks National Monument yesterday. We spent the morning scoping out campgrounds for a future visit and planned to stop at Cedar Breaks National Monument for a hike.  I managed to route us the long way around (significantly longer).  Because of… Continue Reading “Best Friends Animal Sanctuary”

Alien Encounter

We have had terrible problems getting internet access the last couple days.  Even our hot spot doesn’t have enough oompf to load a page.  We’re sitting here at Starbucks and I’m still having problems with my computer but Regis is having no problems with… Continue Reading “Alien Encounter”

Zion National Park

We had two correct guesses on Dart’s location.  He was in Zion National Park.  After we set up a new camp yesterday and scheduled maintenance for the motor home, we set out for Zion National Park.  It was a beautiful drive.  We were not… Continue Reading “Zion National Park”

Brrrr and Where’s Dart 2?

I have two pictures of Dart’s location.  He will be in a National Park or National Monument. Today we had a big change in plans.  Yesterday, we set up camp at a higher elevation.  Since our heater is out, we can use the heat… Continue Reading “Brrrr and Where’s Dart 2?”

US 89

We spent a large portion of the day driving north on US Highway 89.  It was so unbelievably beautiful that I can’t begin to describe it.  I took a bunch of fly by pictures (from the motor home).  I don’t like the result when… Continue Reading “US 89”

Dart was in the Grand Canyon National Park

If you guessed it correctly, you are amazing.  Plus, you pay attention to what the US has to offer in its amazing public lands. The Grand Canyon National Park is awesome.  Of course it is.  How could it not be amazing with such spectacular… Continue Reading “Dart was in the Grand Canyon National Park”

Where is Dart?

To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the National Parks, we are going to start a little game.  When we go to a park, we will post a picture of Dart in the park and let you guess which park.  Since you generally know where… Continue Reading “Where is Dart?”

Painted Desert and Scat Dog

We headed east to see the Painted Desert and the Petrified Forest National Park.  On the way, we stopped at the Meteor Crater.  The crater is the result of a meteorite impact approximately 49,000 years ago.  We enjoyed the speed limit sign going in.… Continue Reading “Painted Desert and Scat Dog”

Heading North!

We stayed at the KOA Kampground in Tuscon the last couple days.  This is the largest campground in which we stayed.  There were two swimming pools, a bar and grille, and an event center.  It had the largest dog park we’ve seen so far.… Continue Reading “Heading North!”