Postal Service

We expected a package from Amazon today and we delayed our trip so that we could get it.  We spent the day with the motor home in front of the house and loading it up.  There was never a time today that someone wasn’t home.  We have been watching the tracking status online all day to see if the status changed.  It continued to say we would receive the package by 8:00 p.m. today.  But, I saw an alarming change yesterday.  The package went from UPS hands to USPS hands.  On no!!!

I was right to be concerned.  A little after 5:00 p.m. today the status updated to say delivery had been attempted but a secure place could not be found to put the package.  First, all of our mail deliveries go to central mailboxes in the community.  There are large mailboxes for when you receive packages.  They have keys.  There is no question that the items we ordered will fit in one of these locking mailboxes.  Second, someone was home all day today.

The message on Amazon says to look for the attempted delivery notice for next steps.  Surprise, surprise.  There is no attempted delivery notice.

I verified that Amazon has the correct address.  We already received one part of that order on Wednesday.  It was successfully delivered by UPS.

So, tomorrow morning we will go to the postal facility without the attempted delivery notice and see if we can get our stuff.  If not, I will contact Amazon and tell them they can have it all back.  We are not delaying our trip any longer.

Also, starting tomorrow all our mail is being forwarded.  I have learned from last year’s experience that you cannot successfully stop your mail forwarding once you have set it up.  If you return early, you can tell the post office to stop your mail forwarding, and they will tell you that they did it, but not so.

This is how I feel right now:

3 Comments on “Postal Service

  1. You cannot rely on the postal service for sure these days. I ordered something and they left the package on the ground all the way down at the end of our long driveway right next to the mailbox!!! I was not happy at all.
    I feel your frustration. UGH!!


  2. I hate to be negative, but it is very frustrating. We have had more issues than usual down here, including almost getting run over by the local mailman. No kidding.


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