First, I want to tell you that the package was not at the post office.  Who knows where it is and when we will get it, if ever.  I’m hoping that it eventually gets to our forwarding address and then we can get it from there.

Yesterday, I took our house trash to the transfer station.  We don’t need it festering in our garage all summer and attracting undesirable guests.  There were quite a few vultures hanging around the transfer station.  The place smelled of course, but not too bad.  The vultures would not have an easy time of getting to the trash the way the facility is designed.  I imagined the vultures hanging around, breathing in deeply, and saying to themselves “aaah that smells so good”.

After we finished loading our stuff this morning and got Dart in the motor home, I left the side door open for some air while we checked brake lights, etc.  Regis asked me to step on the brake while he checked the lights.  As soon as I stepped on the brakes (which are air brakes), Dart shot out of the side of the motor home like a bullet.  Fortunately, he hung around and didn’t head to the next county.  Dart does not like strange sounds!

Shortly after we pulled out of our neighborhood, my bum started getting very toasty.  I asked Regis if we had heated seats (yep, I didn’t know) and he said yes.  After a long search for the controls, I eventually located them on the left side of the passenger seat.  Dart lays on his bed between the two front seats.  It appears that when he moves around, he can bump the control and turn the heater on.  Let me tell you, the heater works well.  I thought I could sit my bum in a bucket of cold water and hear a “sssssssssssssss” sound.

I sprayed Adaptil all over Dart’s bed.  If it did anything to calm him down, it wasn’t obvious to me.  We think Dart appears to be getting used to it somewhat, but he has a way to go.

Today, the weather was perfect.  The ride across Florida was beautiful.  There are locations along Interstate 10 were the sides of the highway are blanketed in wildflowers.  I’m hopeful there are a lot more places like that as we make our way across country.

Wildflowers along Interstate 10 in Florida.
Wildflowers along Interstate 10 in Florida
Wildflowers along Interstate 10 in Florida.

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