Alabama and Mississippi

We finished making our way through Florida and drove right through Alabama to Mississippi.  It was beautiful driving through Florida and Alabama.  We mostly saw trees in Alabama except for Mobile.  Mobile is on the water, so at some point to you have to go through a tunnel.  When we reached the tunnel, the traffic stopped.  Many cars around us started to exit through this small opening in the Jersey wall.  We weren’t getting through that opening, so we were stuck at the opening to this tunnel until whatever was wrong got fixed.  When the emergency vehicles showed up, they got things moving pretty quickly.  Apparently, there was a fender bender in the tunnel.  As we entered the tunnel, the emergency vehicles had all their emergency lights flashing and it felt like we were entering a thrill ride at a theme park.  If my brother was with us he would have yelled “Party Time!”.

Emergency lights in I-10 tunnel in Mobile, Alabama.

On this adventure, we plan to spend a lot of time in Utah, so we don’t have the time to stay in these southeast states to do more exploring.  That is a future adventure.  Since our son lives in Seattle, I suggested to Regis that we visit him since we will be in Utah.  He said that Seattle was no where near Utah.  I pointed out that Utah is closer to Seattle than Florida.  The result – we are visiting Utah and Seattle.  For personal reasons, we need to be back in Florida in September.  We have a lot of ground to cover and places already on the list to explore.  Therefore, we have to breeze through some of these States and leave them for another trip.

Once we crossed into Mississippi, we saw that the interstate is not as well maintained as it was in Alabama and Florida.  There are a lot of billboard signs in Mississippi.  Although, there are some beautiful spots along the waterways with lots of turtles sitting on logs sunning themselves.

We are only here for the night.  I don’t have us scheduled for a multi-night stay until we get to Texas.  By then, Dart will leave us and look for a new home if we don’t give him a break from all this driving.  He’s getting more comfortable but he prefers when the motor home is not moving.  He appears to be enjoying all the new smells on his walks.  It’s hard to make much progress when Dart has his nose working overtime.  Since he has to endure all the driving, I give him a lot of leeway to smell on our walks.

Battleship in Mobile, Alabama.

2 Comments on “Alabama and Mississippi

  1. Ah — Mobile! Years ago my uncle used to work for the FDA on Dauphin Island. He took a boat to work every day. I wondered what he did when it was bad weather. He’d been in the Navy so I suppose it wasn’t an issue for him, but myself…..!!!
    Have a great trip!


  2. We saw the signs for Dauphin Island. I agree that having been in the Navy helped for that job. Thanks!


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