Louisiana Bayou

We entered Louisiana today.  It was my turn in the passenger seat when we crossed the border, so I was responsible for getting the picture of the State sign.  I was daydreaming and noticed it too late to capture the moment.  I’m sure it won’t be the only time!

We crossed the Mississippi River.  Below is a picture of it with some Riverboats in the scene.  I can’t imagine the Mississippi River without a Riverboat.

Mississippi River at Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Louisiana is very interesting.  We crossed over the Atchafalaya (say that three times or even once) National Heritage Area.  As described in a brochure Regis picked up, the area “is filled with twisting bayous, backwater lakes, vast marshes and America’s largest river swamp.”  We drove over a bridge for well over 10 miles that crossed over the area.  I saw a large alligator swimming in the water.  It was unlike anything I have seen before.  It is definitely an area worth exploring sometime if I can gather the courage to do it! It is on the Mississippi flyway and is a major wintering ground for birds, so a winter trip needs to go on our to do list.

Very long bridge over the bayou in Louisiana.
The Atchafalaya National Heritage Area.
Local signs in the Atchafalaya National Heritage Area.

While I was driving down the interstate a car pulled alongside and the driver signaled that something was wrong.  The highway was busy and the shoulder was just wide enough to pull over.  Regis checked it out and saw that our electric plug was dragging on the ground.  He needed to tuck it back inside the basement of the motor home but needed a break in traffic.  We were too close to the highway lane for comfort, so I pulled the motor home forward and a little onto the grass to make more room for Regis.  I was a nervous wreck worrying about him.  He got angry with me for pulling forward because I wound up extending the cable more and causing more of a problem.  I make no apologies for worrying more about him than the cable.  We have a backup shorter cable which we were able to use to hook up for tonight.  Regis went exploring after we set up camp and was able to purchase a new end for the plug.  He is sorry that he didn’t bring his spiffy cable cutter on the trip.

What an electric cable for a motor home looks like after it has been dragging on the interstate.
We saw lots of these areas along the interstate. It appears to be shallow water with lots of floats in it. Anyone know what they are doing?

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