Frogs and Bugs

The campground we stayed at last night had two small ponds.  When evening arrived the frogs began to vocalize.  We listened to an astonishing chorus well into the evening.  If there is this much noise in two small ponds, I can’t imagine what the bayou sounds like at night.

There was some type of refinery or chemical plant down the road from our campground and we could see the flare stack from our camp site.  Very interesting.

I managed to capture our entry into Texas!

Welcome to Texas.

The worst part of our trip today was going through Houston.  The only thing worse than going through Houston is going through Chicago.  The air was heavy with moisture, so there was a thick haze.  Below is a picture of Houston and some of the crazy ramps along the route.  I was so glad once we made it through Houston, which seemed to take forever.  The traffic congestion was unbelievable.  Moving at a good pace through so much congestion is a blessing and a curse.  It’s great to make good time and not get stuck in stop and go traffic, but it is stressful to have to keep up with the traffic at highway speeds through 6 or so lanes that come and go at almost every exit.  Argh!  Doing this makes me have the greatest appreciation for truckers!

The other thing we encountered while driving through Texas was LOTS of bugs.  Unbelievable.  If we drove for two days without cleaning the windshield, we would not be able to see through it.

Lots of bug splats in Texas.
It looks like it might be fun to follow this truck to its next destination

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