Painted Churches

We stayed at the Schulenburg RV Park last night in Schulenburg, Texas.  The hosts were delightful.  The accommodations were very nice.  I highly recommend the park if you are in the area and need an RV site.

Oak next to the Schulenburg RV Park.

One of the family members who run the RV Park told me about the local painted churches and recommended that I see them.  I was tired from all the driving, but I disconnected the car and went to three of them.  Regis and Dart stayed behind in the RV to relax.

The paper I got at the RV Park said the churches were built by German and Czech immigrants fleeing the Austrian Empire.  The interiors were painted to look like European cathedrals “with their elaborately painted walls and opulent altars.”  They were beautiful inside.  I was fortunate to arrive at the church in High Hill right after a small bus of folks arrived as part of a tour.  I hung around the group like I was part of the tour and got the scoop.  Many of the stained glass windows came from Germany.

Painted church in Dubina, Texas.
Painted church in Ammannsville, Texas.
Painted church in High Hill, Texas.

Besides seeing the beautiful churches, it was nice to be off the interstate and driving on the back roads through Texas.  The area is very beautiful and it was nice and quiet.  On the way back to the camp site, I stopped at a German bakery for some baked goods.  I didn’t buy enough!  If I had known it was going to be that good, I would have bought more.  It was everything we could do to refrain from going back this morning before we departed on today’s journey.  I am sure there will be many more temptations on this trip, so we have to maintain some control.

3 Comments on “Painted Churches

  1. Wow those churches are gorgeous! I’m assuming they still use them? A friend of mine who also traveled to TX just recently, like last week, to visit family in OK, camped out in their RV in my mom’s hometown Denison. That’s north of Dallas at the OK border. I was shocked when she posted on FB where they were spending the night. Small world!
    I hope Dart’s getting more used to RV travel! Hi to Regis!


  2. I know for sure the church in High Hill is still being used. It is a small world! Dart continues to improve.


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