Texas is Beautiful

We saw blankets of wildflowers on our first day as we went through Florida.  After the first day, we didn’t see as many wildflowers.  That changed when we got west of San Antonio, Texas.  The wildflowers are stunning in Texas.  I was concerned that yesterday’s drive would be very monotonous.  Interstate driving can be very boring.  Traveling the interstates is a great way to cross a long distance easily and quickly, but the trade-off is how boring it can be.  But, driving along the interstate in Texas was candy for the eyes.   Some of the cacti are starting to bloom.

Blooming cactus

We are seeing several different birds that are new to us.  Included are the Painted Bunting, Scott’s Oriole, and Vermilion Flycatcher.   There is a puddle of water close to our campsite and it attracts many birds and butterflies.  What a treat!

Painted Bunting
Scott’s Oriole
Vermilion Flycatcher

The hitchhikers are out in full force.  Dart has been bringing them back into the RV and they get embedded in the throw carpets very easily.  After playing disc with him this morning, he came back with more hitchhikers than I have ever seen.  It took a long time to remove them all.

Burs on Dart

When we arrived at our camp site yesterday, the resident peacock had to come check us out.  He circled the RV warily and peeked at us from behind it.  We stared at him and he stared at us until he decided we weren’t interesting enough for him to stick around.  I later caught him displaying his gorgeous tail for his lady friend.

I took Dart for a walk this morning.  It didn’t seem too hot to me, but it was obviously hot for Dart.  Not long into the walk, he started making eye contact indicating he was done.  This is unusual for him because he usually has way too much energy to ever be done.  I was interested in cresting this hill to see if there was a view.  The entire walk up the hill, he kept stopping and looking back the way we came.  He couldn’t have been more obvious about his desire to turn around.  I think walking in warm, sunny weather is going to be out of the  question as far as he is concerned.

Last night, when I let Dart out before we went to bed, I shined the flashlight out into the darkness.  I saw a deer looking back at me.  How cool is that!

3 Comments on “Texas is Beautiful

  1. Texas is beautiful. When I was there I saw fields of beautiful blue bonnets. Have you seen any yet? Also I saw long horn steer.


  2. I don’t know what kind of flowers we are seeing and I don’t have a guide.


  3. I’d love to go visit Texas. Mom grew up there across from OK. I’m told I was there as a young child but I only have hazy memories and they might have been of that visit. Aren’t peacocks cool?


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