Caverns of Sonora

We stayed at the Caverns of Sonora for the last two nights.  The campground is not particularly nice, but it was our favorite place so far.  If we didn’t have reservations in Utah later this month, we would probably stay a little longer.  It was out in the middle of nowhere, which we find very appealing.  Yesterday I wrote about all the birds.  They are abundant and a thrill.  They are very noisy and that’s the way we like it!

Beautiful Sonora, Texas with a storm in the distance.

We visited the caverns yesterday and highly recommend them.  This is the way I like to cave.  It’s not necessary to wear overalls and crawl on your belly through the muck in tight spaces.  You can walk upright (for the most part) and see the spectacular beauty of the natural environment.  I have never seen anything like it.

There are lots of swallows nesting around the visitor center, so I spent some time watching and taking pictures.  What a joy to watch them.

Barn Swallow parent feeding one of the three chicks. This was fun to watch!

They make homemade fudge here.  I spoke in an earlier post about the temptations.  I obviously wasn’t wrong about that.  We can say that the fudge is very good.

3 Comments on “Caverns of Sonora

  1. Hey I’m all in if the fudge is good!!! We used to have swallows in our boarding barn back when I had horses.


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