Heading North!

We stayed at the KOA Kampground in Tuscon the last couple days.  This is the largest campground in which we stayed.  There were two swimming pools, a bar and grille, and an event center.  It had the largest dog park we’ve seen so far.  It is like a small city.  It was well maintained and reasonably priced.  Although we prefer to be closer to nature, this was a nice campground and for those who like being close to the city, highly recommended.   Saguaro National Park is close by, so you can make a break for nature when you need it.

Yesterday, we heard lots of sirens and noticed this smoke we could see from the campsite.  We don’t know what it was, but it was taken care of quickly.

View of smoke from KOA campground in Tuscon.

On the way to Flagstaff, Arizona today, we passed two rest stops that were open!!!  We stopped at one of them, thankfully!!

The environment changed dramatically from Tuscon to Flagstaff.  We went up in elevation and the motor home struggled to do it.  Sometimes, the best we could do was almost 40 miles an hour uphill in a 65 mph zone.  I kept thinking “I think I can, I think I can, I think I can.”  We made it!  After leaving the heat in Tuscon, it was interesting to see the snow capped peak.

We set up camp and it is VERY windy.  We thought it was windy in the desert but sometimes I am afraid the motor home will blow over.  What’s with all this wind?  Dart is getting more used to it.  He doesn’t hide like he used to.  Particularly bad gusts bother him, but for the most part, he can relax through it.

There is so much to do in the surrounding area, it is hard to pick.  I think we will head to the Petrified National Park tomorrow.  It is very dog friendly and some of the other options are not.  It will be a long day, but being able to take Dart on hikes will break it up.

Our whole plan after our next Utah stay is now up in the air.  Regis bought a part today that he thought would fix the heater and it didn’t.  We need to get the heater fixed.  We are working on options to do that after our next stay in Utah.  This will alter our plans from here but c’est la vie!

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