Zion National Park

Dart at the entrance to Zion National Park.

We had two correct guesses on Dart’s location.  He was in Zion National Park.  After we set up a new camp yesterday and scheduled maintenance for the motor home, we set out for Zion National Park.  It was a beautiful drive.  We were not able to see Zion canyon because private vehicles are not allowed in the canyon and dogs are not allowed on the shuttles.  The Park Service runs shuttles through the canyon.  We have done that before and it is great way to experience the Park.

Dogs are allowed on one trail that begins at the visitor’s center, so we embarked upon that hike.  The scenery was stunning.  The trail is paved and it is wheelchair accessible.  We saw several folks on motorized scooters enjoying the scenery.  These are people who would not otherwise have been able to enjoy this view if the park service did not provide this accessibility.  The Park Service should be applauded for doing such a great job making our public lands accessible to everyone.

Zion National Park viewed from the dog friendly hike we took.

There is not much shade on this hike, so we couldn’t go the whole way.  It is 1.75 miles one way.  We probably got half way before we turned back because Dart started shutting down.

At the beginning of the hike, we saw a mother deer with her young one.  He looked to be a second year fawn because he was sporting some antlers.  The mother deer was upset about Dart and concerned about him getting between her and her son.  When we realized her discomfort, we backed off and waited until it was safe to pass without causing her anxiety.  Dart was oblivious to all this.

Mother deer at Zion National Park.
Baby male deer at Zion National Park.

Today we did domestic things.  The windshield repair folks showed up this morning but had the wrong windshield, so they will return tomorrow morning.  We hung around the motor home this afternoon and Regis found a pool table in the game room.  We played several games of pool and Regis won every one of them.

As I finish up this post, we are watching a storm head this way.  The weather is beautiful at this elevation.  We were able to sleep with the windows open last night and it was very comfortable.   (In stark contrast to the night before.)

2 Comments on “Zion National Park

  1. I’m enjoying your posts. Ruth has been forwarding them to me. If possible you should hike to Angel’s Landing.


    • Thank you. We hiked to Angel’s Landing on a past trip and it was one of our top 3 favorite hikes. Our hike to the top of Sauk Mountain in Washington barely beat it. We would do it again but we can’t take the dog. Hopefully, I will be in good enough shape to hike it again someday. It is awesome.


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