Alien Encounter

We have had terrible problems getting internet access the last couple days.  Even our hot spot doesn’t have enough oompf to load a page.  We’re sitting here at Starbucks and I’m still having problems with my computer but Regis is having no problems with his Apple.  Go figure.

While sitting here, I am reminded of how tidy my dog is.  He doesn’t like to see crumbs on the floor, so he promptly cleans them up.  He feels the same way on the patio at Starbucks and feels compelled to clean up under the tables.

Early in our travels yesterday morning, we encountered an alien!

This guy seems friendly. I guess he doesn’t know about Roswell.

Our Where’s Dart picture is:  (By the way, that’s snow.)

Where’s Dart (3)?

Friday, we went to the Kolob Canyon entrance to Zion.  There is SIGNIFICANTLY less congestion at this entrance to the park.  We couldn’t walk Dart anywhere, so we drove through and took some pictures from the overlooks.  If you have never been to Zion, you must go.  The scenery must be experienced.  You can’t get a description or a picture that matches the experience of standing there and witnessing the grander of the natural spectacle before your eyes.

Zion National Park.

On the way back, we traveled on a back road that cuts through the park.  I got the car washed on Wednesday.  You couldn’t tell after we finished our trek through the mountains.  A significant part of the way was dirt roads and some of them were very rutted.  I’m glad we have the jeep.  We had no problem with the roads and got to see more splendid scenery.  Regis got the following picture along the way.  It looks like someone set this spot up to be their living room.

Chair strategically placed to see beautiful sunsets in Zion National Park.

2 Comments on “Alien Encounter

  1. Wow what views!! Maybe the alien could let you on his WiFi for some internet access I hear ya about Dart being neat. Elvis here is a fuzzy Roomba, nothing escapes his attention!


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