Best Friends Animal Sanctuary

Dart was at Cedar Breaks National Monument yesterday.

Dart at Cedar Breaks National Monument.
Cedar Breaks National Monument

We spent the morning scoping out campgrounds for a future visit and planned to stop at Cedar Breaks National Monument for a hike.  I managed to route us the long way around (significantly longer).  Because of the elevation, we thought Dart would be very happy with the temperature and we could get in a full hike.  When we got to the trailhead, we encountered snow and it was at least 20 degrees cooler than the valley.

Trailhead at Cedar Breaks National Monument. We didn’t bring our snow mobile!!

I spoke to the Park Ranger and he didn’t recommend hiking the trail.  There was 14-30 inches of snow everywhere! Regis and I did not have the proper footwear for a hike through snow.  We decided to settle for a couple pictures from the overlook and head for another adventure.

We took off to see some petroglyphs at Parowan Gap.  It was very interesting.  We also saw some dinosaur tracks nearby.  Fortunately, there were markers identifying several dinosaur tracks.  Otherwise, we would have never seen them.  It is a good thing I didn’t make a career of being a paleontologist.  I would have been fired for never finding anything.  The tracks aren’t obvious, but interesting to see once you realize they are there.

While there, we noticed an active Raven’s nest on the cliffs above us.  I went back to the car to get the binoculars and long lens for the camera and when I came back, I couldn’t find Regis and Dart.  I thought they had been abducted by aliens (perhaps getting back at us for Roswell).  I eventually found them hiding in the shade under a rock.

Perhaps one of the more emotional things we did yesterday was visit the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary.  It is one of the largest sanctuaries of its kind in the world.  It is a no-kill sanctuary with room and help for every animal that makes its way to Angel Canyon where the sanctuary is located.  If you have never heard of this place, I highly recommend looking it up on the internet and seeing the amazing things they do.  We toured the facilities on a past visit.  Since we had Dart with us, we only drove through the sanctuary and stopped at the cemetery.  You would have to have a cold heart not to be moved by being there.  There are numerous chimes throughout the cemetery that are hung in memory of pets that have passed away.  Many pets are buried there and there are stones, toys, collars, and other items placed in memory of pets that have passed away.

Best Friends Animal Sanctuary Angel’s Rest Cemetery
Best Friends Animal Sanctuary Angel’s Rest Cemetery
Best Friends Animal Sanctuary Angel’s Rest Cemetery
Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, Kanab, Utah

When we come back through this way, I hope to volunteer for a few days.  They are always looking for volunteers.  One of the things you can do is borrow a dog while you are visiting the area.  This gives the dog a chance to interact with people and the sanctuary can get feedback that will help them better be able to place the animal.  A lot of local hotels and restaurants in Kanab allow you to bring the dog.  That is so cool!

If you remember, earlier this week we said the temperature in the motor home plummeted to 41 degrees one night.  When we got back from yesterday’s adventures, it is 101 degrees in the motor home.  Next time we leave on a hot day, we’ll turn the air conditioner on.  I had some Adkins bars in the cabinet and they melted.

2 Comments on “Best Friends Animal Sanctuary

  1. I have heard of Best Friends. There was a fellow who would come once a week to where I worked in Vienna and sell basically baked goods and all of the proceeds were to go to Best Friends. I think I even have a CD of what they put out as to what they do. And snow? I thought snow season was over everywhere, what do I know! We are melting here with the humidity.. trying to get up the ambition to go get some compost for planting in the garden before the tropical rains come again. Enjoy!


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