Yesterday morning, we dropped the motor home off to get the heater fixed and headed out to a hike in the Red Cliff Recreation Area.  We opted for a hike through a canyon, hoping it would be cooler.  Once we got close to the bottom of the canyon, Regis saw a rattlesnake on the path.  We reversed our steps and I decided it was too hot to take Dart for a walk.  We abandoned our hike, but not without attempting to get a picture of the rattler.

Red Cliff Recreation Area Nevada

Our heater did not get fixed.  They have to order a “kit” and it will take about 3 weeks.  We are going to proceed north and head back this way later when the parts come in to get the heater fixed.  We will have to plan to make sure we don’t try to camp where it is too cold.

2 Comments on “Rattlesnake

  1. OMG so glad you didn’t go any further on that trail! So sorry about the heater parts, hope you have plenty of blankets in the RV. They don’t call it the Wild West for nothing!


  2. Wow!! I’m glad you stayed away from the snake. Great pic of the snake.
    That is a bummer about the heater. Hope the weather doesn’t get too cold for you.
    Stay safe and have fun.


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