Month: May 2016

Rest Stops Closed in Arizona

Yesterday, we left New Mexico and arrived in Arizona.  We went through Deming, New Mexico on our way and saw this art work on the entrance to the interstate. The first thing we noticed in Arizona is that the beautiful rest stop was closed.… Continue Reading “Rest Stops Closed in Arizona”

City of Rocks Campground

Last night we stayed at the City of Rocks Campground.  We couldn’t resist.  We fell in love with the place.  It is the first time that we did some dry camping (no electricity and no water).  It worked well.  Last year, in our fifth… Continue Reading “City of Rocks Campground”

Another Hike in the Desert

We left Las Cruces today to continue on our journey.  We stayed at the Las Cruces KOA while we were there and it is an awesome campground.  Several of the pictures of Las Cruces that we posted the last few days were taken from… Continue Reading “Another Hike in the Desert”

City of Rocks

We went to City of Rocks State Park in New Mexico today.  The rocks are remnants from a volcanic eruption that took place 39.5 million years ago.  It was very interesting.  It is located in the Chihuahuan desert.  The place was very interesting and… Continue Reading “City of Rocks”

White Sands

Today we went to the White Sands National Monument which is located in the middle of the White Sands Missile Range.  The first atomic bomb was detonated north of this area.  On the way, we had to pass through a border patrol checkpoint.  The… Continue Reading “White Sands”

Bait on a Leash

We went hiking in the Organ Mountains today.  First, we went to the visitor center at the Dripping Springs Natural Area.  The ranger told us that the Bureau of Land Management prohibits dogs on the trails in that area.  The handout states “In the… Continue Reading “Bait on a Leash”

Ambush at Dawn

As we were leaving the Caverns of Sonora, we saw this beautiful Checkered Garter Snake in the middle of the road.  I hope someone doesn’t hit him.  There isn’t much traffic there and he was trying to warm up.  He is one of the… Continue Reading “Ambush at Dawn”

Caverns of Sonora

We stayed at the Caverns of Sonora for the last two nights.  The campground is not particularly nice, but it was our favorite place so far.  If we didn’t have reservations in Utah later this month, we would probably stay a little longer.  It… Continue Reading “Caverns of Sonora”

Texas is Beautiful

We saw blankets of wildflowers on our first day as we went through Florida.  After the first day, we didn’t see as many wildflowers.  That changed when we got west of San Antonio, Texas.  The wildflowers are stunning in Texas.  I was concerned that… Continue Reading “Texas is Beautiful”

Painted Churches

We stayed at the Schulenburg RV Park last night in Schulenburg, Texas.  The hosts were delightful.  The accommodations were very nice.  I highly recommend the park if you are in the area and need an RV site. One of the family members who run… Continue Reading “Painted Churches”