Month: May 2016

Frogs and Bugs

The campground we stayed at last night had two small ponds.  When evening arrived the frogs began to vocalize.  We listened to an astonishing chorus well into the evening.  If there is this much noise in two small ponds, I can’t imagine what the… Continue Reading “Frogs and Bugs”

Louisiana Bayou

We entered Louisiana today.  It was my turn in the passenger seat when we crossed the border, so I was responsible for getting the picture of the State sign.  I was daydreaming and noticed it too late to capture the moment.  I’m sure it… Continue Reading “Louisiana Bayou”

Alabama and Mississippi

We finished making our way through Florida and drove right through Alabama to Mississippi.  It was beautiful driving through Florida and Alabama.  We mostly saw trees in Alabama except for Mobile.  Mobile is on the water, so at some point to you have to… Continue Reading “Alabama and Mississippi”


First, I want to tell you that the package was not at the post office.  Who knows where it is and when we will get it, if ever.  I’m hoping that it eventually gets to our forwarding address and then we can get it… Continue Reading “Wildflowers”

Postal Service

We expected a package from Amazon today and we delayed our trip so that we could get it.  We spent the day with the motor home in front of the house and loading it up.  There was never a time today that someone wasn’t… Continue Reading “Postal Service”

Departure Planned

We had planned to depart on our trip tomorrow, but we had to postpone the start date.  We ordered a couple things for the trip that won’t be arriving until Friday.  If they arrive as scheduled, we will leave on Saturday.  I went to… Continue Reading “Departure Planned”