Great Basin National Park

And a cool park it is.  Great Basin National Park is probably considered to be in the middle of nowhere and that adds to its appeal.  It is a beautiful park with stunning vistas, caves, bristlecone pines, and great night skies.

Great Basin National Park

There are two great hikes I would like to do in the future.  There is a nice hike to the summit of Wheeler Peak that is appealing (except trying to get oxygen at this elevation may be a struggle for me) because the view is likely awesome.  There is not much pollution here, so you can see a long, long way (reportedly on an average day one can see more than a 100 miles).  I would also like to do the hike to the Bristlecone Cove.  Some of the Bristlecone Pines are nearly 5,000 years old.  That is astonishing.

Flowers in bloom in Great Basin National Park
Great Basin National Park
Great Basin National Park
Wheeler Peak in Great Basin National Park

There are also some caves here with unique features.  I will add that to a future visit.  We are willing to leave Dart in the motor home for several hours if we are close by, but we are too far away to do a cave tour and will not leave him in the car.  No problem!  We will add to the “to do” list.  There is lots we can do with him.

Additionally, the night skies here are reportedly amazing.  Enough so, that they are building an observatory in the Park.  This will be the first observatory in a National Park.

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