The other night, we went out into the middle of the basin where there are almost no lights in order to look at the sky.  It was amazing.

Yesterday, we spent time exploring Ely (pronounced E-lee), Nevada.  We started off with some great coffee drinks from the Flower Basket Espresso Depot.  Then, we briefly visited the Nevada Northern Railway National Historic Landmark.  This is a great location for railroad buffs.  It is an operating historic railroad.  It is a 56 acre site with over 70 original buildings and structures.  There are a variety of steam and diesel train rides available.  The steam rides are only available on certain days, so we may have to come back this way later this summer because Regis wants to take a steam ride.  There is also an option to ride with the engineer in the locomotive’s cab.

Nevada Northern Railway National Historic Landmark

We walked through the downtown area of Ely.  There are a variety of murals painted on buildings and I’m showing a few favorites here.  There are lots more to see.

Mural in Ely, Nevada.
Mural in Ely, Nevada.
Wood painted like a door in Ely, Nevada.

We saw some interesting thrift stores with some unusual antiques.  We know that there is more to do and other art and historical locations.  After all, this was once an important stop on the loneliest road in America.  That would be Route 50.  Route 50 originally ran from Sacramento, California to Ocean City, Maryland.  I did not realize the history of this road when I grew up in a town next to it in Maryland.  Along the Route 50 stretch in Nevada, towns are few and far between.

Thrift Store in Ely, Nevada. Note the hours vary, it is the loneliest thrift store in America, and it has cool junk.

It is amazing how prevalent aliens are in the American Southwest!

Those are all aliens on the second floor looking out the windows.

We stayed in the Ely KOA while here.  It is a great location.  The campground is very nice and well maintained.  There are ATV trails accessible directly from the campground.  Amazingly, it is open all winter.   When we are back this way, we will definitely stay here again.

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