A Taste of Scandanavia

While in Oregon, we visited the Bonneville dam to see the fish ladder.  What most impressed me were the Pacific Lamprey’s attached to the fish window.  Notice their little teeth.

Pacific Lamprey at Bonneville dam.
Pacific Lamprey at Bonneville Dam.

We decided to take the scenic route as we headed north, closer to Seattle.  That turned out to be a longer trip than planned.  We were hoping to get close enough to Mount St. Helen’s to get a view (if the weather cleared).  When we got close to the mountain, the road was closed because of snow.  We had to turn around which required disconnecting the tow vehicle.  It was a pretty drive, but made for a long day.

Forest Service Road to Mount St. Helen’s

We met up with our son, his friend, and Coco (his Bedlington Terrier) and toured the cute little town of Poulsbo on the Kitsap Peninsula.  It has a Scandinavian theme with a fantastic bakery (you have to try the Viking Cups) and a wonderful coffee house. It is very dog friendly.  We visited a park at Point No Point and walked on the beach and a short trail.  Then, we went back to Poulsbo and had dinner with the dogs outside on the waterfront.  The weather, scenery, and company were outstanding!

Poulsbo, Washington
Baked goods at Sluys’ Bakery. They are outstanding and you must try the Viking Cups.
Dart posing at Poulsbo waterfront

Regis, Dart, and I went back to Poulsbo this morning for some coffee and we sat on a bench looking out over the water.  The people were very friendly.  Between the food and the people, this is going to be a nice area to spend a couple weeks.

3 Comments on “A Taste of Scandanavia

  1. Well I wondered if you were going up far enough to see your son! That is a nice-looking bakery. Today at work I found out one of the other contractors in the other office was originally from the Willamette Valley. The town’s name escapes me. She said it was a beautiful area!


    • I think the whole Pacific northwest is beautiful. Do you see Coco in the bottom left corner of the street picture?


  2. Have we now transitioned from wheres Dart, to where’s Jason and Dart? New adventure. Dart and Jason are in Kitsap. Give Ja
    son my love.


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