Dart was on his way to Seattle on the Bainbridge Ferry.  We went to visit Jason.  We walked on the ferry and from the ferry to Jason’s apartment.  It was the toughest hike we’ve done so far on this trip.  It was all uphill and Seattle has steep hills.  If I had to do that every day, I would be in great shape.

Seattle waterfront

Although we went to Seattle to visit Jason, of course, I also wanted to go to REI.  I love REI in Seattle and cannot miss an opportunity to go there whenever I am in town.

We cheated and let Jason drive us back to the ferry.  The skies looked ominous.  I like the pictures of Seattle we got on the way back because the skies looked so cool!


Dart did really well on the ferry trip and walking through the city.  He is a country dog, so city life is a little overwhelming to him.  There are lots of noises and lots of people.  He was a perfect gentleman!

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