Mount St Helens

Dart was at Mount St Helens yesterday.  It is the most restrictive National Monument/Park we have visited.  Most often, pets are allowed out of the car at overlooks as long as they are on a leash.  At Mount St Helens, they are not allowed out of the car.  That made taking a good picture difficult and we never got one of Dart standing in front of the sign.

Mount St Helens, like so many mountains, is enshrouded with clouds.  It is as though mountains are cloud magnets.  Regis and I had a slight argument over whether the mountain was there when we first arrived.  I got a glimpse of it and said I saw it and wanted to take a picture from further down the road.  Of course, we couldn’t see it when we rounded the corner so Regis thought I was losing it.  The clouds eventually opened enough to reveal the mountain long enough for Regis to agree it was there.  There were not many clouds over most of the sky, they were primarily hanging around the top of the mountain.

Mount St Helens
Mount St Helens

Trees were planted extensively after the eruption outside the blast area and they have really grown.  But, it looks a little odd because all the trees are the same height and the same type of tree.  It’s beautiful, but your senses tell you something is amiss.  When you look at the forested sections, the trees look blurry.  It reminds me of pictures on jigsaw puzzles.  I thought my glasses needed to be cleaned but it is just something about the type and equal age (and height) of the trees.

The trees look blurry. Perhaps it has to do with being all the same age and type.

The squirrels at the overlooks were looking for handouts.

Squirrel looking for a handout at the viewpoint

It warmed up to the low 70’s yesterday.  We’ll have to learn to manage the heat!

Mount St Helens blast zone. Note the river cutting through the ash layer.
Mount St Helens blast zone

4 Comments on “Mount St Helens

  1. Wow, I thought more would have grown up around MSH in that blast zone by now. Yep those trees do look fuzzy!


    • I kept cleaning my glasses and then realized it wasn’t my glasses that were making things blurry.


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