Where’s Dart (10)?

Dart is in a National Park.  Both pictures are taken in the same park.

Where’s Dart (10)?
Where’s Dart (10)?

Recently, Regis purchased local raspberries.  On the way to our current camping spot, I decided to eat some raspberries along the way.  I can’t remember what happened, but I wound up spilling fresh, ripe raspberries all over the place while we were driving.  I tried to clean them up as best I could, but I missed several of them that fell onto Dart’s bed.  They rolled under his fur and I didn’t see them until we arrived at our destination and he got up.  Several raspberries are smashed on his bed along with some others I found around the seat.  Poor Dart.  Now I have to find a laundromat where I can get his bed cover cleaned again.

This tree is in our campsite.  We’ve seen several trees like this where the seed for the new tree appears to have germinated after falling onto the trunk of the old tree (that was cut down).  This is one of the most interesting ones we have seen.

Tree growing from old stump.

There are several Christmas tree farms close by.

I can rent a paddle board at this campground but they don’t have wet suits.  Except for late afternoon when the temperature climbs into the low 70’s, it is usually quite cool.  I can’t do it.  I saw a mom bring her 4 kids down to the water to swim.  They all went in, complained about the cold, and came out.  When kids won’t swim in the water, you know its too cold for me!  I believe I will have to invest in a wet suit to take advantage of paddle boarding up north in the future.

For those interested in the outcome of our battery situation, we have a resolution.  If you remember, we bought the RV with 4 bad batteries.  The dealer replaced one of them believing that would take care of the problem, but we found that the other 3 continued to be a problem.  We took it to Camping World who ran a diagnostic and proved the batteries were bad.  Rather than waiting, we purchased new batteries so we could leave on our scheduled trip.  We hoped that we could get reimbursed under the warranty by the manufacturer.  The manufacturer has agreed to reimburse for the batteries but not for the installation and diagnostics.  That’s frustrating to me, but better than nothing.  We shall accept the outcome and move forward.  (Lesson learned:  Regis was suspicious of the batteries when we viewed the RV prior to purchase.  We should have insisted on new batteries before agreeing to the purchase.)

When you drive around this area, you can round the corner and occasionally see a spectacular mountain.

After extensive arguing, I think we both agree this is Mount Adams.
Look in the background and you will see a cloud free view of Mount St Helens.

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