Where’s Dart?  He is in a National Park.

Where’s Dart (11)? Name the park and/or lake.

We stayed in Pendleton, Oregon for a few days and visited the downtown area.  We had a couple options for our next destination and opted for the easiest route.

We loved our trip and had a spot along the way where we could see multiple volcanic peaks at the same time.  There were about 9 peaks we could see.  The only one we couldn’t see was Mount St Helens.  There were a lot of clouds in that spot.  It was amazing to see so many peaks but nearly impossible to get good pictures.  We have found that it is extremely difficult to take pictures of snow covered peaks in the background.  They often don’t show up in the picture.

We are currently at a place with barely minimal cell phone service and no internet service.  Regis is able to get some basic reception on his phone but I can’t get enough reception to send an email.  The closest grocery store is almost 30 miles away and I have difficulty calling it a grocery store. They had some “fresh” food and we bought the last dozen eggs.  I am almost ready to eat the grass in the campground in order to get some fresh greens.  Coming from a home base with outstanding grocery stores, it is particularly hard for me to deal with so little options regarding food.  I have heard of food deserts and I believe we have been sitting in them regularly.  I deeply appreciate that we have so many food options where I live.

Regarding Dart – Since December, Dart has vomited regularly with commercial dog food no matter that it is premium dog food.  I have been making his dog food and occasionally he eats the same thing we had for dinner.  He has been extremely healthy ever since.  I don’t know how to explain this.  It is what it is.  We have noticed that he will not eat ground beef.  Go figure.

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