Crater Lake and Waterfalls

Dart in Crater Lake National Park.

Dart was in Crater Lake National Park.  Yes, the water really is that blue in the lake.  It is astonishing.  The water is exceptionally clear and it is the way the light waves pass through the water that makes it so blue.  The lake is one of the deepest in the world.   It was formed around 7,700 years ago when Mount Mazama collapsed in on itself.

Wizard Island in Crater Lake National Park. The water really is that blue.  The island is a cinder cone. 
View of Oregon from Crater Lake National Park. The lake is on the left. Way off in the distance on the right is a volcanic mountain but I am not sure which one it is. There are so many of them in Oregon.  Also, you can see Mount Shasta in California from Crater Lake.

We got a guide to 24 waterfalls in the area so we thought we might try to see them all over the 3 days left that we have.  We saw 5 waterfalls today.  I think our goal is overly ambitious.  It wouldn’t be so bad if some of the waterfalls didn’t require difficult hikes of almost 4 miles round trip.  On our hike to Warm Springs Falls there were lots of trees down on the trail.  It was an obstacle course.  I think Dart loved it.  He may have felt like this was the most unusual agility course he’s ever done.

Toketee Falls in Oregon.
Watson Falls in Oregon.
Whitehorse Falls in Oregon.
Clearwater Falls in Oregon.
Warm Springs Falls in Oregon.

The weather is in the 60’s here during the day and the 30’s at night.  Dart loves it.  He was very happy hiking today.  We were hiking in forests, so we were always in the shade.

For some reason, the motor home hasn’t been too cold at night even though the temperatures plummet.  We are wondering if it is because the night starts off so warm and takes awhile for the temperature to drop.  It doesn’t stay freezing long enough to cause the heat pumps to stop working entirely.  This morning, we did hear the ice breaking up on one of the heat pumps.

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