Lonely Road

We left southwestern Oregon yesterday and arrived in Northwestern Nevada.  We drove about 390 miles and it was the loneliest drive we have ever taken, but not on the loneliest road.  Between Lakeview, Oregon and Winnemucca, Nevada there are 2 gas stations and it appears one of them is closed.  There is almost nothing else the entire trip.  There is the road and possibly fencing.  There are no houses or other buildings.  It was very beautiful but a little scary.  We saw some vehicles coming in the opposite direction, but we never encountered a vehicle going our way until we were close to Winnemucca.  Since we drive slower than the speed limit in the motor home, cars usually catch up to us and pass us.  We stopped at both of the two rest stops along the way and the entire time that we were there playing with Dart and stretching our legs, we never saw a vehicle go by on the road.

Potential hazards of traveling next to rocky mountains. This is Route 140 in Nevada.
We believe this may be a dried up lake bed. It is on Route 140 in Oregon or Nevada.

Our GPS did not want to send us on the route we took.  On the map, we saw that Route 140 was the most direct route.  Any other route would add at least 100 miles to the trip.  But, the GPS kept trying to get us to turn around.  It appears it was because we had to cross over several mountain ranges.   The GPS got particularly desperate prior to the worst mountain range and tried to send us off on a dirt track instead.  After driving up the mountain in a motor home towing a car with a steep drop off and no guard rail, I was beginning to think we should have listened to the GPS.

Road going up mountain on Route 140 in Oregon
Road the GPS wanted us to take instead of going up the mountain on the paved Route 140
Route 140 going up a mountain. This is why the GPS may have been correct about an alternative route!!

When we got to the top of the mountain, there was a spot to launch hang gliders.  No one was there but it would have been fun to watch.

Sign at top of mountain on Route 140
View from top of mountain on Route 140 next to hang glider launch site.

Winnemucca is the biggest town we’ve been in since we left the Seattle area.  I went grocery shopping in the local Walmart Super Center and bought so many fresh vegetables that they will probably go bad before we have a chance to eat them all.  I went a little crazy.

Winnemucca Walmart produce section. Compare to the picture of the produce section in the last blog post.
Regis saw this on the way to the hardware store in Winnemucca. He sent me a text message asking if he should ask for directions!

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