Bryce Canyon National Park

Dart was in Bryce Canyon National Park.

Guest writer Regis here. I would like to take this opportunity to describe what happens when we arrive at camp. After the standard check in, we are escorted into our assigned spot. We get out and check there is room to extend the sides and are close to the utilities. Then I hook up the electricity, Linda then levels the RV and extends the sides, while I hook up the water. I know, pretty boring right? However, this time things went different. We did the check in, got our spot, Linda started leveling the RV and I hooked up the water. I don’t know, maybe after visiting so many water falls lately I was a little sensitive to the sound of splashing water. I turned around to not only see water dripping from under the RV, but also spouting up, in a great geyser out of the vent for the refrigerator.  Turns out the line that leads up to the ice maker rubbed against the exhaust vent for the refrigerator and wore through.  This is probably due to the windy, twisty roads we tend to go on. I had to repair that before we could hook up to the water.

As soon as we got here, Linda did three loads of wash and then we headed to Bryce Canyon National Park.  We didn’t expect to be able to do any walking because Dart is with us.  But, the Park will let you walk on paved trails and the rim trail is mostly paved.  Therefore, we were able to get out and explore a little.

There is a wonderful multi-use trail (bike trail) throughout the park and much of the way up the road leading to the park.  It is very impressive.

There was a spur off the rim trail that went up to an overlook and it wasn’t paved.  Linda stayed with Dart and Regis went up to the overlook to take some pictures.  While waiting, Linda noticed that probably half the people she watched did not speak English as their first language.  Basically, a lot of foreigners enjoy our parks.  Also, many people take selfies at the rim.  This was true in the Grand Canyon and true here.  Linda saw one couple that took at least 100 pictures of each other and both of them in front of the hoodoos in almost the same spot.  It was great fun watching everyone pose.  Linda highly recommends people watching at a National Park on a trail with a great view.  Watching people take pictures of themselves and posing with their smiles is delightful.  After Linda told Regis about it, he had to take a selfie of us.  Not great, but here it is.

9 Comments on “Bryce Canyon National Park

  1. Do yourselves. a favor and go see the sunrise one morning. You and 20 other people will be there, but it is worth it. At least it was to me.


    • I think it would be beautiful to see the sunrise from Bryce. We were not able to get a campsite in the Bryce area over the week-end, so we moved elsewhere in Utah today. We may go back down to the Bryce area later if we can get a camp site. In the meantime, we are overlooking some beautiful scenery in our current camp site and will be able to watch the sunrise from chairs outside our motor home!! Utah is beautiful. I know you like to hike. If you come back this way, I recommend the book “Hiking the Southwest’s Geology Four Corners Region” by Ralph Lee Hopkins. There are 50 hikes listed. I’d like to do them all!


  2. Linda, I cannot see where to leave a comment on the most recent post so I am leaving it here.
    Is Dart at Dinosaur National Monument? I know you said it was not a national park but I also come up with Capitol Reef National Park


    • I had some trouble with the last post, so maybe something got messed up. You are correct about the National Park. He was in Capitol Reef National Park. He was not in Dinosaur National Monument. But, maybe we should go there!!


  3. Just saw this post. Evidently in order to RV, you also need to be a handyman!


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