Where’s Dart (16)?

Dart is in a National Park.  (Vicki:  You’ve got this one!)

Where’s Dart (16)? He is in a National Park. (Note: the arch)

We drove along the Colorado River yesterday and there are huge red cliffs on either side of the river.  The cliffs are slightly tilted so you have the illusion of going down hill (but you are not), so the river appears to be flowing up hill.

We ventured on some back roads and some of them were pretty rough.  There are several areas with trails for off road vehicles.  One particular area seems to be popular where the trails are over slickrock.

Off road vehicle trail in Moab, Utah.  The dark marks going up the rock are from the vehicles. There is a large parking area out of the picture to the left where you can park your towing vehicles.  

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