Arches National Park

Dart was in Arches National Park.  We went into the park in late afternoon so we could see the colors in the park as the sun began to set.  The setting sun brings out the warm colors in the formations.  We were fortunate that the moon was rising while the sun was setting.  It was, of course, beautiful.

Arches National Park
Arches National Park with La Sal mountains in the distance
Arches National Park
Moon rising over Arches National Park
Sunset at Arches National Park
Sunset at Arches National Park
Sunset at Arches National Park

Delicate Arch is the iconic arch for the park.  If you see a picture of Arches National Park, it probably has Delicate Arch in it.  It is beautiful at sunset.  We couldn’t hike to the Arch because we had Dart with us, so we went to one of the overlooks.  I loved seeing all the people waiting to see the sunset at the Arch.  I wonder how anyone gets a picture of the Arch without people in it.

People watching the sunset at Delicate Arch in Arches National Park

Yesterday, I did the laundry, went grocery shopping, wiped down the inside of the car, and took Dart to the vet.  Regis cleaned up the inside of the motor home.  There was a ton of dust on everything.

The vet gave Dart some medication to try to clear things up.  We are staying a few more days here in order to make sure Dart is okay before we move on.  He has done well in the last 18 hours.

The part for the RV still hasn’t arrived in St. George.  If it doesn’t arrive by the end of the week, Regis is going to ask them to ship the part to him when they get it and we will start to head back.

Last evening, we sat outside the motor home and watched the sunset over the mesas, hills, and mountains behind us.  There’s a little bit of everything back there.  The mesas turn orange as the sun sets and they look like they are glowing.  As the sun was setting, storms started to form in the distance.  There was a spectacular light show in the storms because of the lightning.  The storms may have been fifty miles away.  It is very cool out west that you can enjoy watching storms that are far away.  Although we got a little rain, it wasn’t substantial.

Moon rising over Moab, Utah as seen from Arches National Park

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