Spectacular Sunsets

Yesterday, I went on a guided Paddleboard Tour with Paddle  Moab.  Alycia and Gabriel were the guides.  They were funny, enthusiastic, great teachers, and a joy to be with.  This is the first time I had someone show me how to paddleboard and had to unlearn some things I had been doing.  Alycia spent a good deal of time training us before we embarked on our trip.  She did a great job.

Linda going through the first set of rapids on the Colorado River on her knees. She made it through the last set of rapids standing up.

There were a few small rapids on the river.  I went through the first several on my knees, but finally decided to take the last two standing up.  Midway through the first rapid I took standing up, someone in our group rammed into me in the middle of the rapid.  He didn’t mean to do it.  I fell to my knees but did not fall in the water.  I successfully ran the last set of rapids standing up.  I realized that I don’t have great strength and stamina but all that yoga has done good things for my balance.  At least I have that going for me.  I was very exhausted at the end of the trip.  I need Jan, my personal trainer from Maryland, to move to Florida and train me over the winter!

Calm section on the Colorado River.

Regis told me he wanted to go to Gemini Bridges today.  They aren’t far out of Moab, so it sounded good to me.  After embarking on the hellish road, I got to thinking that Regis must have stared at the map until he could find the most gruesome four-wheel drive trail that could be taken with a stock vehicle.  It’s hard to call it a road.  I think Dart and I could have walked it faster.  It would probably have been more fun for the passengers if we had been in an ATV.  We saw several ATV’s and dirt bikes on the road.  Anyway, be ware of going on unpaved roads around here.  There is a reason at least half the cars in this town are jeeps.

Taking a short hike from the car to Gemini Bridges. Dart found some shade. The green paint spots on the rocks mark the trail.

We have been enjoying the sunsets around here.  We witnessed one while in Arches National Park.  We went to Dead Horse Point State Park to see another sunset.  We’ve watched a few from our campsite.  Every sunset is amazing.  It doesn’t matter where you are, you will see amazing colors in the sky and reflected off the landscape.

Sunset over Moab, Utah.
Sunset over Moab, Utah.
Sunset over the Colorado River
Sunset from Dead Horse Point State Park
Sunset from Dead Horse Point State Park

Last night, it was very windy.  Dart was not pleased with all the noises of the wind battered motor home.  I took his little scarf and doused it with Adaptil and put it on his collar.  It calmed him down so he was able to sleep.  He is doing better since he got his medication.  I will feel better once we make it successfully through a few more days without any further problems.

Because Dart has been having digestive issues, I am sensitive to him getting antsy at night and I take him out right away.  The moon has been beautiful the last few nights and it has been very easy to stroll through the campground at night without a flashlight.  It is very bright.  The other night were heard coyotes yipping.

2 Comments on “Spectacular Sunsets

  1. Beautiful Pictures, Love it!!! Trip of a life time… I am very happy for you guys.. Just one question, has Regis had those shorts since 1970? I reviewed some pictures from that era and I am quite sure that they are the same shorts.. He looks great in them… I hate you Regis, you have not changed in years.. Grow Up….


    • Ha Ha. Regis does get his money’s worth out of his clothes, but he says those are not the same shorts. I was just giving him a hard time the other night because he stays thin no matter what he eats. The rest of us are not so lucky.


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