Rest Stops

We started the process of heading back to Florida.  This has brought us back to interstates.  If you are not on the interstate out west, you have to be prepared to drive through towns that may have speed limits as low as 25 mph.  Once we got back on the interstate, we were able to cover a lot of ground quickly.

We arrived early afternoon in our first scheduled campground on the interstate and we were the first ones to arrive.  I was worried that we were the only ones there and a little scared.  I was also concerned that the owner couldn’t possibility make any money with one guest a night.  By nightfall, the place was almost full.   The campground offered a small selection of dinners that they bring to your campsite.  We took advantage and ordered two turkey dinners with stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy, green beans, and cranberry sauce.  I ordered a slice of pie and was nice enough to share it with Regis.  He said he didn’t want a piece until he saw mine and willingly ate half of it along with the scoop of ice cream.

Dinners have been available at the next two campgrounds.  There are times when it would be very convenient.  Most of the time, we have enough food and prefer to make our own dinner.  When you travel a lot of miles in a day and are only spending the night and ran out of food, it comes in handy to have dinner available without requiring you to disconnect your tow vehicle to obtain it.

At the rest stop in New Mexico and again in Texas, we saw signs to beware of snakes.  It is nice to be warned!  In New Mexico, we saw the a rest stop that had corrals for horses.  They were clearly used.  Dart was very, very interested in them.

Corrals at rest stop in New Mexico
Sign at rest stop in New Mexico. Similar signs are also at rest stops in Texas

Let me pause a moment to mention rest stops out west.  I have to stop a lot, so I greatly appreciate having the opportunity to do so without finding a bush (which you often can’t find out west anyway).  With the exception of Arizona and their closed rest stops (see earlier post), the rest of the West is very good about having rest room facilities on lots of roads, not just the interstates.  In fact, there are facilities all over the place in public picnic areas, trail heads, campgrounds, boat launches, fishing spots, etc.  When we are out and about in the jeep, I can always find a place to stop.

It continues to be exceedingly hot, which I am sure it is for most of you.  It is currently 105 degrees and we are noticing an increase in humidity.  Although we don’t like that part, it is really nice to see trees and grass again.  We are in Oklahoma.  I’m getting more excited about being headed home.  We need to better plan in the future so we don’t wind up in hot places.  It is very limiting.  Outdoor activities are no fun when it is this hot and become undo-able with Dart.  He can’t handle the heat with all that fur.  If it is going to be this hot, I may as well be in Florida where I can jump into the ocean to cool off!

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