Where’s Dart (17)?  He is in eastern Tennessee on a famous mountain.  I am including a second picture of what can be seen on top of the mountain, so if you have been there, you may recognize it.  We are visiting Regis’ brother, Mark, in Chattanooga.

Where’s Dart (17)? On what mountain is Dart? He is in eastern Tennessee.
On top of a mountain by Chattanooga, Tennessee

We enjoyed steaks and corn on the cob on the grill with Mark.  Mark took us to the local mountain to see the sun set.  We missed the sunset, but the view was beautiful. We had a great time.  We hadn’t seen Mark in awhile, so it was great to catch up.

We crossed the Mississippi River yesterday at Memphis.  We saw this unusual Bass Pro Shops.  At first, Regis thought it was a casino.

Bass Pro Shops in Memphis, Tennessee

After being out west for almost three months, the east coast appears very lush.  As we approached the Appalachians it became more and more beautiful.  Although I enjoyed seeing the increasing vegetation as we went from Oklahoma through Arkansas, I particularly loved going through Tennessee.  The countryside is wrapped in a blanket of trees.  They hug the shorelines of lakes.  All those trees bring a softness to the landscape that is appealing and relaxing.  Out west, the dryness prevents the growth of lush vegetation so you get to see the stark geology of the landscape.  It makes the landscape stunning but harsh.  Perhaps it is because I grew up in the mid-Atlantic, but I’m enjoying seeing the east coast landscape again.

We startled a couple fawns at the entrance to our campground.

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  1. Lookout Mountain? That’s my guess, I was in Chattanooga in the 90’s with the ex, looking at houses, and remember most of it being on a hill..


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