Home in St. Augustine

We made it home.  We covered many miles (8,315 in the motor home) and saw lots of this beautiful country.  It was a great experience and it opened my eyes to many things about our country.  Nevertheless, it was good to be back home.

When we arrived back home, Dart spinned and barked and barked and spinned. I wasn’t sure if he would be as happy to return here as our house last year.  Yes, he was happy to be home here.  He wanted to play with his disc first thing.  It was 95 degrees and very humid but Dart was exuberant.  We played until his tongue was dragging on the ground.  At that point, he laid down at the front door and watched us empty the RV.  Yuk!  It was 112 degrees inside the RV while we worked to empty it.  I must have lost 3 pounds in water in the process.

Anyway, we finished and relaxed a bit and then headed to the ocean.  I couldn’t wait until tomorrow.  We ate dinner in a restaurant on the ocean and then watched the sunset.  St. Augustine is beautiful and this is a great home base.

Regis’ feet and the Atlantic Ocean
Linda’s feet in the Atlantic Ocean
Atlantic Ocean
Atlantic Ocean
Sunset in St. Augustine, Florida
Sunset in St. Augustine, Florida
St. Augustine, Florida

Now that we are home, I want to share some thoughts about our observations on our trip.  First, I love water.  Therefore, I loved Puget Sound and was never quite the same on our way back until we crossed the St. Johns’ River in Florida.  Everything in between was too dry for me.  This probably comes from growing up near the Chesapeake Bay.

This is a beautiful country.  We are very fortunate that so many of our lands are in the public domain and accessible to all of us.  A trip like the one we made would be nothing if we did not have the access to the public lands that all Americans have.

Many towns in rural America are in bad shape economically.  They need a boost somehow.  A few towns we visited were thriving because they took advantage of the adjacent public lands and built a thriving tourist destination.  Snow Valley, Idaho and Moab, Utah come to mind.  There were other places that were nestled in beautiful country but had not managed to take advantage and thrive.  Baker City, Oregon and the areas around Crater Lake National Park in Oregon come to mind.

Much of the country is in a food desert and that is a sad, sad shame.  The big cities, especially along the coasts have all you could want.  But, many people in this country have to drive 60 miles (maybe more) to get groceries and fresh produce.  We are the greatest country on the planet.  What’s up with that?

I care about rest stops as blog followers may know.  Except for Arizona, this country is amazing in providing a place to stop for tourists and truckers.  Florida (my home state) has the best rest stops. I am not being biased, it’s the truth.  Come to Florida and find out. 🙂

It is sad to see that there are areas of this country thriving (like Seattle) and areas that are left behind (too many places to mention).  I sincerely hope the future will solve this problem and make it possible for all Americans to thrive.

I have finished this particular trip loving my country as much or more than I have ever loved it.  We have plans for future trips and may make one to the mid-Atlantic this fall and to the Florida keys this November.  If so, we will take pictures and post our thoughts.

Thank you all for following us and trying to solve our Where’s Dart challenges.  I am impressed by how many of you got it right.  If you didn’t get it right, the fact that you tried is admirable.

I can’t thank you enough for the feedback I have received on the blogs.  It helps me to know what you are interested in.  Please continue.  Also, ask questions if you have them.  I am happy to respond.

For those of you interested in the finer details of Rving, I would like to share this mornings adventure.  Since we will be storing the RV for at least a month or more once we get home, we took the time in our last campsite to prepare.   Regis had a special concoction he used to place in the gray and black tanks and then flushed them.  While working on the black tank, he started the process and then went in the RV to do whatever he likes to do in his spare time.  He forgot about the cleansing process and came out later to see soap bubbles coming out the top of the vent in the RV and running down the side.  I am really sorry I didn’t see it to take a picture.  I guess Dart and I were elsewhere.

We prepared the motor home to be stored for some time and will clean the outside sometime next week.  It should then be ready for our next rip.  Our poor Jeep looks terrible and we hope to clean it up this week-end.  Being pulled behind leaves it in a position to receive lots of dust and dirt.  Yuk!

One Comment on “Home in St. Augustine

  1. Glad you made it safe and sound. It was a joy to share your experiences as you traveled. I loved the blogs and the pictures are beautiful. Thanks for taking us with you!! It was enjoyable. You should write a book. ☺️

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